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Broadcast multiple audio channels over a standard LAN - any computer on the network can tune in...

Monitor Select & Ringmain Audio over IP for broadcast facilities

Corporate audio distribution system over LAN/WAN 

multicast audio over ip   ip lan multicast

AudioTX Multiplex is a simple system which consists of two pieces of software.

The AudioTX Multiplex Server software runs on a standard PC with one or more sound cards. All of your audio sources plug into the sound cards on this PC. Our range of professional sound cards allow for up to 96 audio sources to be connected to a single PC. If you need more, you can add another server PC!






Multicast audio over IP LAN WAN Broadcast Multiple channels Audio MP3 over network

Any PC on your network can then use the AudioTX Multiplex Receiver application - or one of our new Standalone Receiver modules below - to select and tune into any of the audio channels being broadcast. The Receiver also allows you to instantly record the audio.

Because the audio is sent using a technique called Multicast, only one copy of each audio channel is sent over your network, regardless of how many people are listening. Audio is normally sent compressed in standard MP3 or MP2 formats (MPEG compression) or can be sent as uncompressed (linear) audio.

There are so many different scenarios where AudioTX Multiplex is a dream solution. Originally the system was developed as a Monitor Select over IP or Audio Ringmain over IP, for use in Media organisations where journalists, producers and management need to have instant access to a number of audio sources - including their own radio stations and competitors, the output of studios in the building, news channels etc. It's equally well suited to any area of business where you need a quick and easy way to distribute one or more channels of audio over LAN to a number of people as part of their job. Our multicast audio over IP solution works over your existing LAN or WAN infrastructure, making it easy and cheap to deploy.

NEW - AudioTX Multiplex Receiver now available in a range of standalone modules
and for PocketPC!
The AudioTX Multiplex Receiver is now additionally available in Wall-mount, Standalone (embedded PC) & PocketPC versions. In most AudioTX Multiplex systems, the ATXM Receiver software will be installed on your office PCs, allowing staff to select and listen to channels from their desk. If you also need Receivers in communal areas - Reception areas, Meeting Rooms, Studio Lobbies, Corridors, Green Rooms, Canteens, Kitchen, Lifts or even Toilets(!) then you'll love our new range of standalone Receivers. For mobile users, a PocketPC with WiFi networking can now also be used to run the Receiver software.

Wall-mount Receiver Panel
An attractive mirror-finished chrome panel, with a stylish LCD display, which can be flush or surface mounted into walls or desks.
Standalone embedded ATXM Receiver
The Standalone embedded ATXM Receiver can be controlled using a standard web browser from any PC on your network - the browser interface allows you to select channel/volume on the device.
PocketPC handheld version
  A PocketPC version of the Receiver is now also available as an option for Windows CE powered PocketPC devices with WiFi networking.

live multicast audio guide
more about AudioTX Multiplex and its Multicast audio capabilities.

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