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Section: Overview: 
 the basics

Professional quality multi-channel audio distribution over IP networks

AudioTX Multiplex is the perfect way to 'broadcast' multiple channels of live audio across your company's existing in-house network. You can distribute anything from a few to a few hundred audio channels. Users on your network tune in with a small and stylish on-screen tuner bar on any PC...
Your audio sources connect to the 'AudioTX Multiplex Server' PC using standard sound cards (we can also offer special cards with up to 96 inputs).
Regardless of how many people are tuned in, every audio channel is broadcast only once - so the impact of AudioTX Multiplex is negligible on most networks.

AudioTX Multiplex - a virtual audio ringmain

Any computer connected to your existing LAN/WAN can select and listen to one of any number of audio channels being 'broadcast'. A small and stylish audio bar or taskbar icon allows each user to choose what they want to listen to (or even record) whilst using their computer as normal for other purposes.

A convenient and efficient way to allow everyone in your organisation to tune in

Because the system uses a technique called Multicasting, only one copy of each audio signal is broadcast regardless of how many people are listening at any one time. This means that there's very little load placed on your network.

Simply install the AudioTX Multiplex Receiver on the PCs on your network and they can choose and listen to channels. The Receiver is small and unobtrusive - a tiny on-screen bar or taskbar icon - and does not interfere with other applications.

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