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The AudioTX Multiplex system allows you to distribute hundreds of live audio channels over your existing IP network infrastructure...


    AudioTX Multiplex System Demo Download:

Feel free to try the AudioTX Multiplex system on your own network. You can download a demonstration version of the software here.


The trial version is exactly the same as the full, purchased version, but with the following limitations:

  • The software will allow you a 30 day trial
  • Only a single AudioTX Multiplex Server can be run on your network
  • You'll hear a short beep in all audio channels (every 20 secs)
  • The trial allows you to broadcast a maximum of 4 audio channels
  • The AudioTX Multiplex Receiver can be installed on up to 10 PCs on your network

Please note that the single download below gives you both the AudioTX Multiplex Server and Receiver software... you will also receive an email explaining how to get your demo up and running quickly and easily within a few minutes. Please read this email as it will help with your trial and make life much easier!







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