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audiotx multiplex system

The AudioTX Multiplex system allows you to distribute hundreds of live audio channels over your existing IP network infrastructure...


    AudioTX Multiplex System Features     AudioTX Multiplex Audio Features  

Broadcast up to 500 live audio channels over a standard IP network - a LAN or WAN.

Perfect for Monitor Select or audio ringmain applications within a small, medium or large broadcast facility. A superior replacement for multi-pair or RF multi-pair ringmain systems

On the AudioTX Multiplex Server, Audio can be sourced from live sound card inputs or played from a wave file on disk. Channel information is shown on the Server screen including number of current listeners and level meters.

Simply and instantly add or remove channels being broadcast - Receiver channel lists are updated instantly.
The AudioTX Multiplex Receiver can be installed on any Windows PC with a sound card. The software consumes minimal resources so the PC can continue to be used as normal.
Stereo sound cards (or a stereo input on a multi-channel card) can be used for one stereo audio channel input or two mono channel inputs.
Very low impact on network resources. e.g. a 25 channel service occupies about 3% of a standard 100Mbit LAN network (25x 128kbit mono or stereo channels, MP3 compressed).
Works over any windows network - coax, ethernet, gigabit ethernet etc.
Broadcast quality 20Hz to 20kHz audio transmission (dependent on sound card and compression used).

Mono or Stereo audio at a range of sample rates (16kHz to 48kHz).

Range of audio bitrates can be used (individually selectable for each channel).
Audio can be broadcast uncompressed (linear) or using compression.
MP3 audio compression at between 64kbps and 320kbps. In stereo, CD-like, FM broadcast quality at 128bkps. In mono, at 64kbps.
MP2 audio compression at between 64kbps and 384kbps. In Joint-Stereo, FM broadcast quality at 128kbps, CD-like quality at 192kbps. Mono at half these bitrates.


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