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Section: Features:  
multiplex server

The AudioTX Multiplex Server software - simple to use, powerful enough to broadcast hundreds of channels...

multicast audio server software, multicast audio over LAN

  AudioTX Multiplex Server Software features:
  • Runs on a standard Windows PC.
  • Pentium 4 2.0 GHz processor sufficient for real-time compression & broadcast of at least 30 Mono or 20 Stereo channels of audio (MP3 or MP2).
  • An unlimited number of additional (secondary) servers can be added to increase the number of broadcast audio channels. All channels are made available instantly to all AudioTX Multiplex Receivers.
  • Uses standard sound cards (including multi-input systems) - we sell cards with up to 96 inputs - see Sound Cards section in Overview: Requirements.
  • Simply add and remove broadcast audio channels from the user friendly and informative display screen. Channel lists on all Receivers are updated instantly.
  • Full status information on-screen for every audio channel being broadcast, includes audio level metering, channel name, soundcard in use, audio coding type, number of Receivers tuned in.
  • Audio can also be played from a wave file on disk instead of using a live sound card source.



Each broadcast channel is simple to set up - just select a name, a stereo or mono sound card source for a live channel (remember you can connect two mono sources to a single stereo input and treat them as separate sources!) or select a file for transmission from the hard drive.

You can then choose from linear (uncompressed audio), MP3 compression (recommended) or MP2 compression. You'll find that a bitrate of 64kbits (mono) or 128kbits (joint stereo) is near-equivalent to good FM broadcast quality for most audio programmes using MP3 compression.

Each audio channel is 'broadcast' using a technique called Multicast - this means you only generate a small, fixed amount of network traffic regardless of how many people are tuned in.



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