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Section: Features:  
multiplex receiver

The AudioTX Multiplex Receiver - small and simple to use, leaving you free to work whilst you listen...


  AudioTX Multiplex Receiver Software features:
  • Runs on your standard office PCs (All Windows versions)
  • Does not interfere with other applications or work on the PC - runs as a small compact tuner bar (pictured above) or in the background as a tiny icon next to the clock on the taskbar.
  • Uses a standard sound card - listen on PC speakers or headphones... or use one of our professional quality sound cards for transmission-grade audio (see the Overview: Requirements section for sound card details).
  • A simple drop down window shows and allows selection from the list of available channels. Channel lists are updated instantly from the AudioTX Multiplex Server.
  • Instantly start recording the channel you are listening to.
  • Convenient Mute and Volume adjustment functions.
  • Easy to install - the AudioTX Multiplex Receiver can be installed in just a few seconds on any PC that has a web browser installed.

multicast audio receiver

The AudioTX Multiplex Receiver runs on a standard Windows PC - and allows you to choose and listen to any of the channels being broadcast on your network. A standard sound card is all that is needed, and you can connect standard speakers, headphones etc to listen the way you want to...

The receiver consumes minimal resources on your PC so you can, of course, carry on with the rest of your work as normal.

The AudioTX Multiplex Receiver remembers the channel you last listened to and can also be set up to start every time you switch on your PC

If your system administrator changes the broadcast channels available, your receiver is also updated instantly.







Choose to run the Receiver as a convenient and compact bar (shown above and at the top of the page) or in the background - all you see is a small icon next to the system clock on your PC (pictured left and right)

Clicking on the loudspeaker icon allows you to instantly mute the audio and there's also a convenient volume slider built in.



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