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Multicast audio over IP Live with the AudioTX Multiplex system. Broadcast hundreds of live audio channels over your existing LAN/WAN/IP network infrastructure...


    The AudioTX Multiplex system - How it works:

The AudioTX Multiplex system comprises our Multicast Audio Server (the ATXM Server) and Multicast Audio Receiver (the ATXM Receiver).


Each audio channel can be broadcast as MPEG compressed audio at bitrates between 64kbps and 384kbps, or you can use linear (uncompressed) audio. Audio is 'broadcast' using multicast networking - this means that however many people are listening to a given channel, only one copy needs to be sent on your network making the ATXM system incredibly bandwidth efficient.

Better still, the multicast audio server scales incredibly well over larger networks - say a company wide WAN. Multicast Audio channels will only cross a router or managed switch on your network where the channel is actually required on the other side of that switch or router. So, for example:

  • You can run the Multicast audio receiver PCs anywhere on your organisation's WAN - say a remote office building. Only audio channels that are actually in use at the remote building will actually travel there, so the impact on your network will always be minimal.
  • You could place multiple Multicast audio servers on your network, say in different buildings. Each of these servers would multicast those audio channels that originate or are available in that building. Any ATXM Receiver, anywhere on the network can still listen to any channel, but individual live multicast audio channels would only travel between buildings where they are actually required in a different building.

About the reliability of live audio streams using Multicast:

We've all experienced streaming audio on the web - it's not exactly reliable in the way that broadcast users would expect.

Put those experiences to one side. AudioTX Multiplex delivers live, low delay (100ms or below), robust, studio quality multicast audio - it meets and exceeds the expectations of users in radio stations, media centres and broadcast buildings.

Each audio channel is sent as an individual audio multicast (i.e. on its own multicast group or multicast IP address). In addition, one other multicast group is used for distribution to receivers of information and updates on audio channels in your system.

All of your live audio multicasts are available to all of your users at any time - they simply select the named audio channel directly from a drop-down list in the Multicast audio receiver. Should you change the available audio channels, all receivers on your network are updated immediately with your new channel list.

Applications of our Multicast audio products:

AudioTX Multiplex was originally designed to replace or supplement audio ringmain or house monitoring systems in broadcast buildings. Where previously RF based distribution was used on coax cabling, or even true multi-pair distributions circuits were run around offices and each member of staff would require additional listening equipment such as selectors, tuners, amplifiers, speakers.

Using our Multicast audio server, anyone can access hundreds of live audio channels direct from their desktops with no cabling or additional listening equipment needed. Audio is multicast using the existing network and standard office desktop PCs run the Receiver bar on-screen or minimised as a tray icon near the system clock. The system runs over any multicast capable network - your LAN, WAN, Satellite or leased line, wireless networks.

The system is useful for as many non-broadcast applications also. For example in house-radio, monitoring information feeds or newswires, distribution of training radio or in-house conferences or presentations. Distribution of surveillance audio or monitoring radio or intercom system channels.

In addition to the standard PC Multicast Audio Receiver, we also have a number of alternatives. We have a hardware multicast audio receiver which comprises a smart looking chrome panel with backlit LCD display - this can be used in common areas where there is likely to be a group of listeners, each not at a PC! We also have a multicast receiver for Pocket PCs and handheld units that use Windows versions for mobile devices.

If you'd like more information about your planned application, do get in touch with us!





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