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Broadcast multiple audio channels over a standard LAN - any computer on the network can tune in...

There are so many different scenarios where AudioTX Multiplex is a dream solution. Originally the system was developed for use in Media organisations where journalists, producers and management need to have instant access to a number of audio sources - including their own radio stations and competitors, the output of studios in the building, news channels etc. It's equally well suited to any area of business where you need a quick and easy way to distribute audio to a number of people as part of their job.

Broadcast & Media
A sophisticated, convenient and cost-effective replacement for existing Monitor Select and Audio Ringmain systems. Install an AudioTX Multiplex Server PC in your racks room and connect up as many live audio sources as you want. No other additional equipment is needed - the AudioTX Multiplex Receiver can be installed on any PC on your network.
Monitor Select/Audio Ringmain
AudioTX Multiplex replaces exisiting multi-pair or RF coax based Monitor Select or Ringmain systems. Now every person in the building can easily select from and listen to a much larger selection of audio sources. No additional hardware is needed on staff desks, just their existing PC. There's no recabling, no maintenance, and adding or changing available channels takes seconds. When you add a new desk, as long as it has a PC, it also has access to your Audio Ringmain system.
Distribution of incoming news, sports and traffic feeds
Allow every journalist, producer, engineer or manager to quickly and conveniently listen to audio sources that would normally only be available in the studio or the control room. Producers can monitor news channels and audio feeds coming into the building whilst working at their desks,
Source selector for studios and production workstations
Running the AudioTX Multiplex Receiver on a studio PC also allows you to select from all of the audio sources on your system and bring them up as desk sources.
Corporate & Business
The most efficient way to distribute live or pre-recorded audio to anyone on the company network. A single AudioTX Multiplex Server PC takes in all of your audio sources - these might include radio tuners, TV sound output etc - and the AudioTX Multiplex Receiver allows all of your staff to choose and listen to any source.
Make news and information channels available on the desktop
Allow all staff to listen to business news radio channels like Bloomberg, CNN to keep up to date with key information as they work. For example, traders in the financial sector can choose to hear business information channels at their desks.
Delivery of training, product information, news to staff 
Staff can listen to briefings and internal company news at a time that suits them - including briefings from the sales director, chairman's speeches or new training broadcasts. The AudioTX Multiplex server can broadcast pre-recorded audio files as well as live audio sources.
Relay presentations and announcements to your entire staff 
Company events, product launches, media presentations can all be relayed live to your team across the company.
Audio announcements (internal tannoy)
Replace old fashioned tannoy or announcement systems with a convenient desktop replacement.
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