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The AudioTX Multiplex system allows you to distribute hundreds of live audio channels over your existing IP network infrastructure...


    AudioTX Multiplex System pricing:
  AudioTX Multiplex is priced according to the size of your required system. The license cost is a one-off purchase - there's no additional annual cost.  

The product price varies:

  • With the number of client PCs that will be running the AudioTX Multiplex Receiver
  • With the number of audio channels being used in your system
  • With the number of AudioTX Multiplex Server PCs you will need - typically one Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz server PC can broadcast at least 20 stereo or 30 mono channels of live audio (based on a 2GHz PC)

For a pricing quote appropriate to your planned installation, please email us.

As a guide, minimum pricing for the smallest systems starts at:


The AudioTX Multiplex system is capable of broadcasting a huge number of channels simultaneously to a virtually unlimited number of clients, and very large installations may contain a number of Server PCs. For this reason, we do not publish a complete schedule of prices, and you should email us with the details of your planned use at sales@audiotx.com

Note: Recording functionality in the AudioTX Multiplex Receiver (which allows the user to instantly start recording the channel currently selected) is priced as an option.



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